Newspaper and Magazine Articles in alphabetical order

AA - No Booze But Plenty of Babes (1954).pdf
AA Article (1941).pdf
Aging, 1990.pdf
Amer. Mercury, March 55.pdf
Amer. Mercury, Oct. 53.pdf
Amer. Mercury, Oct. 54.pdf
Atlantic Monthly, Jan. 72.pdf
Atlantic Monthly, Sept.59.pdf
Business Week, April 16-60.pdf
Business Week, Oct.26-81.pdf
Cleveland Plain Dealer Articles 1939
Consumer Reports, Nov. 60.pdf
Coronet, July 49.pdf
Encounter, Sept-Oct. 87.pdf
Fortune, Feb.-51.pdf
Good Housekeeping, March 54.pdf
Good Housekeeping, Sept.57.pdf
Harper's Mag. Feb. 63.pdf
Harper's Mag., Oct. 86.pdf
Harper's, Sept.41.pdf
LA Times 1939 2.JPG
LA Times 1939.pdf
Ladies' Home Journal, Oct. 62.pdf
Life, Feb. 10-61.pdf
Life, Oct.15-45.pdf
Look, June 26-45.pdf
Maclean's Dec. 15-46.pdf
Maclean's, Oct. 21-96.pdf
Macleans Mag. May 15-45.pdf
Macleans, June 1-49.pdf
Ms., Nov.-Dec. 90.pdf
N.Y. Times Mag April 21-46.pdf
N.Y. Times Mag Feb. 26-95.pdf
N.Y. Times Mag. Feb.21-88.pdf
N.Y. Times Mag. June 5-60.pdf
New Rebublic, May 21-45.pdf
New Republic, April 22-91.pdf
New Republic, Dec. 14-87.pdf
New York, Feb. 20-89.pdf
New York, March 20-95.pdf
New York, Sept. 9-91.pdf
Newsweek, April 11-88.pdf
Newsweek, Aug. 28-89.pdf
Newsweek, Dec. 12-88.pdf
Newsweek, Jan. 15-45.pdf
Newsweek, Nov.28-88.pdf
Parent's Mag., July 67.pdf
Read, Feb.-44.pdf
Reader's Digest, April 86.pdf
Reader's Digest, Aug.58.pdf
Reader's Digest, Feb. 64.pdf
Reader's Digest, Jan. 63.pdf
Reader's Digest, Jan.-46.pdf
Reader's Digest, June 60.pdf
Reader's Digest, Nov. 66.pdf
Reader's Digest, Nov.-44.pdf
Reader's Digest, Oct.-50.pdf
Reader's Digest, Sept. 68.pdf
Rotarian, Sept. 46.pdf
Sat Eve Post, April 1-50.pdf
Sat Eve Post, Aug.85.pdf
Sat Eve Post, July 2-55.pdf
Sat Eve Post, March 90.pdf
Sat Eve Post, March1-41.pdf
Sat Eve Post, Oct.18-52.pdf
Sat Eve Post, Sept. 19-64.pdf
Saturday Night Nov.27-43.pdf
Saturday Night, June 78.pdf
Saturday Review, Aug.27-55.pdf
Science Digest, May-44.pdf
Science News Letter, June 19-54.pdf
Seventeen, April 71.pdf
Seventeen, March 74.pdf
Shape, Nov. 1997.pdf
Society, July-Aug. 84.pdf
Survey Midmonthly, June 47.pdf
Survey, April 49.pdf
The Amarillo, Oct. 22-44.pdf
The Atlantic, July 59.pdf
The Match, Nov. 11-87.pdf
The Nation, March 2-64.pdf
Time, April 10-89.pdf
Time, April 22-74.pdf
Time, Dec. 17-56.pdf
Time, Feb. 8-71.pdf
Time, Feb.19-40.pdf
Time, Feb.26-47.pdf
Time, July 11 - 60.pdf
Time, July 18-55.pdf
Time, March 5-45.pdf
Time, May 20-85.pdf
Time, Nov. 30-87.pdf
Time, Oct.23-44.pdf
TOC- Chronological.pdf
Today's Health, Nov.57.pdf
U.S. News & World Report,Nov.30-87.pdf
U.S. News & World Report,Oct.2-53.pdf
Vital Speeches, Feb.1-47.pdf